Ride Grades

Our simple grading system helps you understand the level of fitness and riding experience required for each trip. Levels are clearly noted in the itinerary and details of each tour, and can be used as an indicator when planning your trip. But please keep in mind that a tour can often be customized to your abilities, especially if you’re booking as a group or family. We’d be happy to discuss details of our tours and help find the perfect track for you!


Basic: This is the easiest level of our bike trips and requires basic fitness and cycling skills. Routes are planned for up to 4 hours per day on flat or easy, rolling terrain.

Intermediate: If you exercise regularly and have a good level of cycling ability, perferably with some off-road experience, then these tours are for you. Plan to be in the saddle for up to 6 hours per day and climb some hills (maximum daily height gain of 600m). Don’t forget to enjoy the scenery as it rolls by!

Advanced: These tours are similar to the Advanced level, but entail longer distances and/or more hill climbing. Daily climbs can reach up to 1000 meters and at times, off-road terrain will require competent bike handling. However, with a bit of effort, all intermediate cyclists will be able to enjoy these tracks.

Expert: Avid and adventurous cyclists who are looking for the challenge of full days in the saddle and over 1000M of hill climbing will find themselves well-suited to these tracks. Cyclists must be able to handle bikes on rough terrain and be in good physical condition.

Extreme: Experienced cyclists who train regularly and have good quality equipment and skills will be able to meet the challenge of our extreme tours. Top physical fitness, stamina and excellent biking skills are truly needed for these trips.

If you are unsure, please contact us before booking!

Ride Grades: