Go Bike Israel – FAQ for Mountain Bike Israel Tours

What makes Go Bike Israel special?

Go Bike Israel was founded by cyclists and so we truly understand the needs and wishes of mountain bikers better than others. We take pride in our ability to listen carefully to each and every cyclist and guide our clients to choose tracks and packages that are suited exactly to their cycling level while incorporating a variety of topics that are of interest to them (archeology, nature, culture, geology, and more…). This enables us to offer a tailor-made holiday to each individual.

Why Israel, of all places?

If you are looking for mountain biking tracks and trails, there’s no place quite like Israel. Israel may be a small country but the diversity of the ever-changing landscape offers miles and miles of breathtaking sites: From the rolling green mountains and sparkling streams in the north, through the country’s center with its magnificent beaches and bustling cities, down to the Negev – the southern desert – with its primeval terrain, and fascinating encounters with the Bedouin population who still follow the age old custom of living in tents and raising camels. Israel also abounds with historical sites from the Jordan River, via age-old Nazareth and on to Jerusalem, the holy city for Jews, Christians and Muslims, alike.

What is the best season to ride in Israel?

Cycling is possible in Israel all year long, but without a doubt, one of the biggest advantages of planning a holiday in Israel is the fact that riding in the winter months is definitely an option! Winters in Israel are very mild, with few rain showers throughout, and so when it is rainy, snowy and freezing in Europe and the States, in Israel, the weather is ideal for cycling with brilliant carpets of multi-colored wildflowers adorning the landscape all over the country.
Our trips are scheduled from October through May, during the finest season in Israel. The average temperature in Israel in the winter ranges from 10-15°C (50-60°F) and on many bright sunny days, temperatures can rise above 20°C (60°F). With the exception of a few rainy days, cyclists can ride almost every day on almost every track and trail.

Do Israeli tracks accommodate mountain bike cyclist?

Mountain biking has become a very popular sport in Israel in the past few years. Hundreds and even thousands of scenic tracks and trails have been paved and adapted for cycling. An abundance of single tracks are available throughout the country, from north to south. Our licensed and experienced guides are well-acquainted with the local terrain and will lead you to beautiful places generally unfrequented by the average tourist. Our tracks are designed to avoid proximity to vehicular roads (crossing only when absolutely necessary) and we make use of back-up assistance of ATVs and an experienced bike mechanic as needed.

Are bike rentals available? What level?

Most cyclists all over the world (ourselves, included) prefer to ride their own bikes, and so most of Go Bike Israel participants bring their own bikes to Israel. However, for cyclists who choose not to carry their bikes from abroad, we offer two levels of bike rentals:
a. A 24-speed bike with front suspension only at € 10 per day.
b. A 27-speed bike with double suspension at €15 per day.
All of our rental bikes are in excellent mechanical condition. There will always be a spare bike on hand in case of a mechanical problem that cannot be fixed on the spot.