Israeli Star tour in The Biosphere Park – Ramot Menashe

Israeli Star tour in The Biosphere Park – Ramot Menashe

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General information

This is a diverse route which offers a star tour. Every morning, we will cycle out to a different destination and as evening falls, we will head back to our accommodations at “Zohar Badeshe”
( in the Menashe Biosphere Park, a site recognized by UNESCO.

The park offers hundreds of kilometers of bike routes and singles suitable for riding all year long. The area abounds with dense forests, flowing streams (mainly in the winter), plenty of colorful wildflowers, sparkling springs, scenic routes and singles of all levels.

The track is designed for advanced riders and above but can also accommodate families and beginners.


During the ride, we will visit sites holy to three religions (at Megiddo, Nazareth,Zippori and Mount Carmel), meet different communities living in the area and cycle through the beautiful city of Haifa to visit the Bahai Temple where we will visit the world-famous hanging gardens.
Accommodations will be at Zohar Badeshe, a romantic rural and comfortable pension perfectly situated for bikers. The group will be accompanied throughout the trip by a qualified and professional riding instructor who will combine historical as well as geographical explanations regarding the region.

The daily itinerary is flexible so the group can make changes as the riders may choose, by lengthening or shortening the routes and the number of days.

If you arrive in Israel independently, we recommend spending your first night in Israel in Tel Aviv, but a short drive from Ben Gurion airport. We will pick up all the cyclists and bikes on the day following your arrival. This will allow you to spend a night in one of the most popular cities in the Middle East, and enjoy all the city has to offer: magnificent beaches, excellent restaurants, rich night life and interesting tourist attractions

Transfers from the airport straight to Kibbutz Dalia will be performed for groups of 5 cyclists and above.


Day 1 | Arrival

The group will arrive at Ben Gurion Airport and be transferred to Kibbutz Dalia ( where the cyclists will be welcomed by our tour and bike guide as well as the bike mechanic. Each cyclist will receive the key to his\her room at ‘Zohar Badeshe’ Pension and will have time to settle in and rest. The bike mechanic will meet with each cyclist to ensure bike fitting and safety regulations. If time permits, we will take a short ride to get acclimated and see the sites around the kibbutz. An optional night tour in Haifa will be offered


Day 2 | To Megido via kibbutz Mishmar Ha-Emek

General information
Total distance – 43 km
Total climb – 910 meter
Highlights: Kibbutz Mishmar Ha-Emek , Megido Antiquities, 400 hill observation
Ride level: Advanced – Expert

Daily track map:

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Full Itinerary

We will cycle down to Kibbutz Mishmar Ha’Emek, cross through the Mishmar stream and stop for coffee and home-baked pastries at the TREK compound where we will hear about the history of the kibbutz. After the break, we will continue to an observation point at the Kibbutzim Monument and then head towards the Megiddo Antiquities via a scenic cycling route.

We will spend an hour touring the famous site and then will start our way back to the pension, enjoying a panoramic view of the Jezreel Valley, Mt. Tavor, and Nazareth mountains from a 400 m` hill observation point. We will end the day on a beautiful track to Givat Ha-Rakafot(Primrose Hill) and Saflul stream.


Day 3 | Shofet stream to Kibbutz Ha-Zorea 

General information
Total distance – 31 km
Total climb- 550 meter
Highlights: Emek Ha’shalom, “nachal Shofet”stream, kibbutz Hazorea,” Vilfrid Israel” museum, “nachal gachar”stream
Ride level: intermediate

Daily track map:

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Full Itinerary

After a tasty breakfast, we will begin our trip cycling downhill to Ein Reichania – a nice small hidden spring. We will continue on single tracks lined with wildflowers, descending towards Emeq Ha’Shalom where we will hear the intriguing story of this special valley.

We will then continue towards Kibbutz HaZorea, ( cycling alongside the “Nahal HaShofet” stream on the comfortable trails of “Menashe Park”. Along the way, we will enjoy a panoramic view of the Jezreel Valley and the northern mountains of Israel. (On a clear day we will even be able to see the snowy slopes of Mt. Hermon.) We will descend to Kibbutz HaZorea where we will visit the Wilfrid Israel Museum and learn about this hero’s courageous life story .

If the group members desire, we can extend our tour of the kibbutz to learn more about this unique Israeli style of life. We will visit the aquarium fish institute and the highly advanced dairy farm and will hear about the essence of the Kibbutz which consists of both industry and agriculture . The way back to our evening accommodations will take us through the “Nahal Gahar” stream and a lush green forest.


General information
Total distance – 55 km
Total climb- 955 meter
Highlights: Chorshan natural forest, Mei KedemPark, Tishbi Winery
Ride level: Advanced – Expert

Daily track map:

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Full Itinerary

This entire day will be devoted to field cycling in and around the Mt.Chorshan region. We will enjoy our lunch break in the Tishbi Winery. We will ride through a natural forest which dates back to the Ottoman Empire and offers magnificent flora, breath-taking views, and winding paths. We will visit the Mei-Kedem Park and walk through a water grotto that dates back to the days of Herod the Great.

Day 5 | Mt. Carmel and Druz villages


General information
Total distance – 56 km
Total climb – 1022 meter
Highlights: Muchraka monastery, Druz villages Usfiya and Dalyat El-Karmel
Ride level: Advanced – Expert

Daily track map:

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Full Itinerary

After a fresh and delicious breakfast, we will embark on a ride to our first observation point on Keren HaCarmel overlooking Mt. Gilboa and the eastern side of the Jordan River. We will continue to cycle on a scenic road towards our next destination: The “Muchraka” monastery where we will hear the Biblical tale of the prophet Elijah and Baal

As we continue our trip, we will visit the Druze villages of Usfiya and Daliat El-Carmel, learning about the Druze tradition and the unique character of this special community. In the afternoon we will head back to Kibbutz Dalia.

Day 6 | Zippori Mosaic and the churches of Nazareth

General information
Total distance – 39 km
Total climb- 810 meter
Highlights: “Rish-Lakish” singeltrek, Zippori Mosaic, Zippori water plant, Nazareth old market, Nazareth church of annunciation
Ride level: Advanced

Daily track map:

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Full Itinerary

Cyclists will be driven to the bike compound in ‘Alon Hagalil’ to the starting point of our day ride. For the first three hours of the trip, we will ride on pastoral single tracks that pass through natural forests and vibrant flower fields. Upon arrival at ‘Zippori’, we will have time to tour the historic site with its famed mosaic floors and cavernous first century CE water system.

We will continue our ride to Nazareth via the Zippori spring, stopping to tour the colorful old market and the Church of Annunciation.

Our final destination is the Fauzi Azar Inn. After settling in, we will take a walk to further experience the local market and the Church of Annunciation.

In the evening, we will dine at one of the authentic Arab restaurants of Nazareth.


Day 7 | Departure

Breakfast, farewell, transfer to airport
(If possible in terms of flight schedule the trip will end on the night of the previous day

Package cost includes

  • Transfer to and from airport as well as daily group transfers throughout the trip. All transfers are made in a new and comfortable van.
  • Field vehicle + a wagon to carry the bikes. This also includes locking them at night as a safety measure.
  • A replacement bike will always be on the wagon (one for each person?)
  • 7 nights at a high class bikers’ hotel HB (Zohar Badeshe)
  • Qualified and experienced tour and biking guides .
  • Calculation is based on a 10-cyclist group. Should the number of participants increase by one – the cost will be reduced by 40$ and vice versa – should the number of participants decrease by one, the cost will increase by 40$.
  • Maximum number of participants 12
  • Flexibility in terms of schedule. Changes can be made in accordance with the group’s preferences

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