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General Information

Bike Ride all the way from The Gospel Trail via Jerusalem to MitzpeRamon.

The trip is divided into three stages and lasts 8 days and 7 nights.

  • Stage One begins at the Biosphere Menashe Park, adjacent to   Megiddo, continues via   Zippori to Nazareth and ends at the Sea of ​​Galilee

  • Stage Two -Jerusalem

  • Stage Three – TheNegev Highlands


The track is designed for riders with moderate and advanced cycling skills.During the ride we will visit historical sites holy to three religions (at Megiddo, Nazareth, Zippori, Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem) and become acquainted with different communities in the area. Upon reaching the beautiful city of Haifa, we will visit the Bahai Temple and see firsthand the world-famous hanging gardens.
Accommodations will be at comfortable pensions, perfectly situated for bikers. Throughout the trip, the group will be accompanied by a qualified and professional riding instructor who will combine historical as well as geographical explanations about the region.

The itinerary is flexible so the group can make changes in accordance with the will of the riders, lengthening or shortening the routes or the number of days.

A jeep + trailer will accompany the riders for the duration of the trip.

We recommend that cyclists who plan to arrive independently of the group travel straight from the airport to Tel Aviv and spend the night there.

We will pick up all the cyclists and the bikes from Tel Aviv on the day following your arrival. This will allow you to spend a night in one of the most popular cities in the Middle East. Tel Aviv offers magnificent beaches, excellent restaurants, a rich night life and many interesting tourist attractions.

Transfers from the airport straight to Kibbutz Dalia will be arranged for groups of 5 cyclists and above.




Day 1 | Arrival

The group arrives at Ben Gurion Airport and is transferred to Kibbutz Dalia ( where the cyclists will be welcomed by our tour and bike guide as well as the bike mechanic. Each cyclist will receive the key to his\her room at ‘Zohar Badeshe’ Pension and will have time to settle in and rest. The bike mechanic will meet with each cyclist to ensure bike fitting and safety regulations. If time permits, we will take a short ride to get acclimated and see the sites around the kibbutz. An optional night tour in Haifa will be offered.

Day 2 | To Megido via kibbutz Mishmar Ha-Emek

General information
Total distance – 43 km
Total climb – 910 meter
Highlights: Kibbutz Mishmar Ha-Emek , Megido Antiquities, 400 hill observation
Ride level: Advanced – Expert

Daily track map:

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We will cycle down to Kibbutz Mishmar Ha’Emek, cross through the Mishmar stream and stop for coffee and home-baked pastries at the TREK compound where we will hear about the history of the kibbutz. After the break, we will continue to an observation point at the Kibbutzim Monument and then head towards the Megiddo Antiquities via a scenic cycling route.

We will spend an hour touring the famous site and then will start our way back to the pension, enjoying a panoramic view of the Jezreel Valley, Mt. Tavor, and Nazareth mountains from a 400 m` hill observation point. We will end the day on a beautiful track to Givat Ha-Rakafot(Primrose Hill) and Saflul stream.


Day 3 | Zippori Mosaic and the churches of Nazareth


General information
Total distance – 39 km
Total climb – 810 meter
Highlights:”Rish-Lakish” singeltrek, Zippori Mosaic, Zippori water plant, Nazareth old market, Nazareth church of annunciation
Ride level: Advanced

Daily track map:

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Cyclists will be driven to the bike compound in ‘Alon Hagalil’ to the starting point of our day ride. For the first three hours of the trip, we will ride on pastoral single tracks that pass through natural forests and vibrant flower fields. Upon arrival at ‘Zippori’, we will have time to tour the historic site with its famed mosaic floors and cavernous first century CE water system.

We will continue our ride to Nazareth via the Zippori spring, stopping to tour the colorful old market and the Church of Annunciation.

Our final destination is the Fauzi Azar Inn. After settling in, we will take a walk to further experience the local market and the Church of Annunciation.

In the evening, we will dine at one of the authentic Arab restaurants of Nazareth.

Day 4 | Jusus Trail from Nazareth to Kfar Nachum and the Church of the Beatitudes


General information
Total distance – 61 km
Total climb – 964 meter
Total descent – 1,532 meter
Highlights: Mount Precipice, scenic route to Bet Keshet, Horns of Hattin, Domain of Nabi Shuaib, Kfar Nahum church
Ride level:Advanced – Expert

Daily track map:

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The voice of the local mosque muezzin calling the Muslims to Morning Prayer will be our wakeup call. We will then enjoy a traditional Arabic breakfast with hot, strong and sweet tea. We will begin on our ride through the awakening market alleys and climb our way up to a breath-taking observation point overlooking the city, after which we will continue on the track to Mount Precipice. We will ride on the scenic route to Bet Keshet, Horns of Hattin, and the Domain of Nabi Shuaib which according to Druze tradition is the burial site of the Prophet Shuaib, identified with the Biblical character of Jethro, father-in-law of Moses.


We will cycle up the Mount Arbel cliffs to a beautiful observation point overlooking the Sea of Galilee. We will then descend through the   Hammam wadi to Migdal for our final break of the day at the Ein Nun pool. We will resume our ride along the Jesus Trail to Capernaum and the Kfar Nahum church.


We will spend the night at ‘El Mul Golan’ pension in Kibbutz Sha’ar HaGolan.

Day 5 |  The Jerusalem Hills


General information
Total distance – 20 km
Total climb – 475 meter
Highlights: Mount Olive observation, the Mea Shearim neighborhood, The old city, Via Dolorosa, Mishkanot Shaananim , promenade of Armon Hanatzive
Ride level : Intermediate

Daily track map:

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After breakfast, we will travel via the Bika’a Road to Jerusalem, following the bike tracks through the different sites of the city, from Mount Olives via Mount Scopus towards the eastern city and the Old City of Jerusalem. We will then ride through some of the popular sites in the New City. Our final destination will be the Sherover Armon-Hanatziv Promenade which offers a splendid panorama of the entire city.

The Promenade is located in close proximity to Kibbutz Ramat Rachel where we will spend the night and be able to enjoy a heated pool and pampering spa.

Day 6 | Sde Boker


General information
Total distance – 22 km
Total climb – 300 meter
Highlights: Negev Highland, Sde Boker, desert singeltreks, Ein-Avdat spring and waterpool
Ride level:Intermediate – Advanced 

Daily track map:

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After breakfast we will travel south to Sde Boker, the hometown of Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion. After a short break to rest a bit and get organized, we will embark on a four hour ride on a magnificent single track around Sde Boker, followed by a short guided tour to Ein Ovdat. (

We will then continue by car to the I-BIKE Hotel in Mitzpe Ramon for our nighttime accommodations.

Day 7 | Around The Ramon Crater


General information
Total distance – 55 km
Total climb – 900 meter
Highlights: Ramon crater observation, Ramon crater scenery road, Stone saw-mill
Ride level: Advanced – Expert

Daily track map:

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Full Itinerary

The entire day will be devoted to desert cycling atop and within the Ramon Crater cliff ( We will pass by Nabataean forts, ride through the ancient Spice Route and descend into the crater itself where we will witness the rare geological phenomenon of potato-shaped rocks (“Bulbusim”), the “Minsarah” Sandstone Saw-Mill and more.

Day 8

The last day will be spent resting and making final arrangements in preparation for the flight back home.

Cost of Package Includes:

  • Transfer to and from airport as well as daily group transfers throughout the trip. All transfers are made in a new and comfortable van.

  • A field vehicle + a trailer to carry the bikes. As a safety measure, we also lock up the bikes at night.

  • A replacement bike, which will always be available on the trailer.

  • 7 nights at a Bikers’ Hotel (Zohar Badeshe, Fauzy Azar, I-Bike), half board included. If accommodations include only bed and breakfast, the price will be reduced by ________

  • Qualified and experienced tour and biking guides.

  • Calculation is based on a group of 10 cyclists. Any increase in the number of participants will initiate a reduction in price; any decrease

    in the number of participants will initiate an increase in price.

  • Maximum number of participants = 12.

  • Schedule flexibility. Changes can be made in accordance with the group’s wishes.